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The Basic Income Podcast

A series of audio files devoted to interviewing the biggest names in the Basic Income movement, hosted by Jim Pugh and Owen Poindexter Amira Jehia of Mein Grundeinkommen Sandhya and Jim spoke to Amira Jehia of Mein Grundeinkommen, a German organization that crowdfunds and raffles yearlong basic incomes to raise awareness around the issue.e stellen. Rutger […]

Interview with Ralph Boes: I am being hungered

The Berlin Basic Income Activist and Hartz-IV rebel is prepared to hunger until death to move the German State to abolish the unconstitutional Sanction Practice in the German Social Security System „Hartz-IV“. ( It’s Ralph Boes’ 83rd Hunger day today. He has been at a table in front of Brandenburg Gate, inviting passers by to […]

Interview with Enno Schmidt, co-initiator of the Swiss Citizens’ Initiative

Interview with Enno Schmidt, co-initiator  of the Swiss Citizens’ Initiative Can you remember your first encounter with Basic Income? My first was in Heidelberg in a discussion where a young architect demanded an unconditional income and my first reaction was: „hey, he just needs money, why doesn’t he ask for help for himself, instead of making some […]

Interview with Eefke Meijerink, local Social Democratic Party leader Netherlands

International Basic Income Week 2015 has begun early! spoke to one of the hosts of the very first event heralding the 8th International Week: Interview with Eefke Meijerink, local Social Democratic Party leader and member of city council Zwolle, Netherlands With your „Stadsgesprek Zwolle“ on Wednesday you were the first event for the 8th International […]

Interview with Lieselotte Wohlgenannt – Social Scientist at Catholic Social Academy ­Austria

Interview with Lieselotte Wohlgenannt, Social Scientist at Catholic Social Academy Austria (KSOE), and co­Author of Den öko-sozialen Umbau beginnen: Grundeinkommen  (Start the eco-social reconstruction: Basic Income) Can you remember your very first encounter with Basic Income? It was in the early 80s, when our former director of the Catholic Social Academy ­Austria and my co­author, P. Dr Herwig […]

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