Interview series about Basic Income Week

internationalbasicincomeweeklogo8thInternational Basic Income Week from 2008 until today:  How did it all start? is finding out what is happening with Basic Income initiatives around the world, regarding International Basic Income Week and beyond.
We are talking with the people who brought International Basic Income Week to life and who have made it into the international event it is today. You are about to find out how it all started, which local events were most memorable and what you can do to join in.

Then we are talking with activists of countries taking part for the first time in 2015.
Later on there will be interviews with initiatives that are otherwise significantly contributing to worldwide Unconditional Basic Income.

We have interviews with:


Our interview series will continue next week with:

  • Sijr Hoeijmakers and Adriaan Planken on planned experiments in the Netherlands
  • the Basic Income Team from Hungary
  • and (hopefully) Pastor Diergaardt, Chairperson of BIG Coalition, Namibia