International Basic Income Week

Friday18 sept. #countonbasicincome

Friday 18 sept. 2020 #basicincomebeer

Saturday 19 sept. 2020 #BasicIncomeMarch

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Thanks for 13th IBIW; Planning 14th IBIW Mo-Su, September 20th-26th, 2021

Hello, basic income supporters, Congratulations on your many successful events and celebrations that were all part of the 13th annual International Basic Income Week! As you can see on this Facebook page: there were over 60 Basic Income Week events that happened all over the world during the week. In addition, there were 30 […]

Give your Hug to Basic Income

Hi everyone! I’m making a surprise group video for Basic Income Week 2020 and need your help. Please add your own video wishes below (it’s quick & easy) and you’ll be part of a memorable surprise.  Thank you!   Make your own video hug  here: and afterwards we will have a compilation of 50 […]

Talk on your Walk, Basic Income March for @home

  Dear UBI Advocates, We would like to invite and hope to see all UBI Advocates, together with their friends and networks, at the ‘UBI-Talk on our Walk’ a Zoom based (due pandemic) Basic Income March, facilitated by ‘Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks’, organized by UBI Networks, on 19th of September 2020, […]

Take part 3rd International Basic Income Beer Fr, September 18th, 2020

  Till now, there are 19 cities who make an 3rd International Basic Income Beer Friday, September 18th, 2020 in the 13th International Basic Income Week (Mo-Su 14th-20th September 2020) or 19 cities: Berlin, Bonn, Eisenach, Erfurt, Germering, Göttingen, Hamburg, Jena, Kassel, Kempten, Malmö, Mannheim, Nienburg/Weser, Nordhausen, Reutlingen, Roubaix, Stuttgart, Suhl, Weimar. […]

Europe in the starting blocks for Basic Income

European countries will start a Europe wide Citizens’ Initiative to get Basic Income on the agenda of the European Commission. The start of the campain will be the first friday after the BIW on 25th of september 2020. The campain ends 24th of september 2021. During this time it should be possible to obtain one […]

Motto for UBIweek 2020: “Basic Income: Freedom to Choose!”

This years motto is: Basic Income: Freedom to Choose! We have had a poll and this motto was the most voted for.   When you don’t have any other choice than to stay home because of a Corona Crisis a Basic Income is most welcome. So there are a lot of petitions going on at […]

Voting for the Basic Income Week Motto 2020 now started.

You can now vote for your favorite motto vote for your motto here

Suggest a Motto for the 13th Basic Income Week

13th Basic Income Week 14th-20th Sep 2020: Motto suggestions! We are now collecting suggestions for a Motto for next ibiw until 31st Oct! Send the motto in your language plus a translation into English to us either via the contact form on this site or via or via twitter using #mottoibiw13 Any mottos sent […]

Be part of the #basicincomeweek13! Start planning now!

Next International Basic Income Week is coming, the 13th in succession: Mo-Su 14th-20th September 2020 Plan your events for 2020! plan your #countonbasicincome photo again on 18th September 2020, make an International Basic Income Beer #basicincomebeer on Friday 18th September 2020, organize an International Basic Income March #basicincomemarch on Saturday 19th September […]

Could #basicincome play a role in the fight against unfree labour?

  Read some of the world’s leading basic income thinkers ask what role basic income could play in the fight against unfree labour. Universal basic income: a way through the storm? Vast numbers of people around the world don’t have sufficient cash to ride out life’s problems. Could a basic income see them through? A […]

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