10th international Basic Income Week 18-24 sept. 2017


Call for Participation for the 10th International Basic Income Week
18 to 24 September 2017

Unconditional Basic Income is affordable!

Basic income builds a solid basis for the welfare state. There is enough for everyone! We only need to challenge and change the existing distribution of wealth!

We can secure social peace by sharing society’s wealth with everyone – unconditionally and everywhere. Nowadays, everyone needs an income – for being able to live and to work. A real Unconditional Basic Income is not a neoliberal austerity measure for the few who currently appropriate natural resources and the wealth created by the paid and unpaid work of earlier and present generations.

Austerity and tax competition as a rat race to the bottom are no natural laws. Therefore: Redistribute wealth – here and everywhere!

We invite activists around the world to contribute to our action week for Unconditional Basic Income (UBI).

The Basic Income Week is a self-organized participatory week. A lot can be done: from spreading the news to organizing your own event. We can help with finding presenters and promoting your event with our shared website https://basicincomeweek.org.  Your contribution in form of time, money or ideas is very welcome. Get in touch with your regional or international coordination team.


The UBI-Week was initiated in 2008 in German-speaking countries. Activities spread significantly in Europe after the establishment of the new coalition Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) in 2014. http://ubie.org

Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) contributed to the week´s further globalization. http://basicincome.org

Get in touch with your regional or international coordination team.


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What is Unconditional Basic Income?

It is a payment (by the state), which every person gets monthly lifelong. (Legal right)

individueelrechtUniversal: Every person, irrespective of age, descent, place of residence, profession etc. will be entitled to receive this allocation.


geentoetsIndividual: Everyone has the right to UBI on an individual basis as this is the only way to ensure privacy and to prevent control over other individuals. UBI will be independent of marital status, cohabitation or household configuration, or of the income or property of other household or family members.

geendwangUnconditional: As a human right UBI shall not depend on any preconditions, whether an obligation to take paid employment, to be involved in community service, or to behave according to traditional gender roles. Nor will it be subject to income, savings or property limits.


hooggenoegHigh enough: The amount shall provide for a decent standard of living, which meets society’s social and cultural standards in the country concerned. It will prevent material poverty and provide the opportunity to participate in society and to live in dignity.


We emphasize that UBI shall not replace the compensatory welfare state but rather complete and transform it into an emancipatory welfare system.