16th International Basic Income Week ​September 18th-24th, 2023

Basic Income: Civilization at its best!

We are heading to the 16th International Basic Income Week. Social media appearance is here https://basicincomeweek.org/downloads2023/ Just keep the date and brainstorm about new ideas to make Basic Income enter this new era! #basicincomeweek16


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4 official events:


The International Basic Income Week https://basicincomeweek.org is a self-organized participatory week in the 38th week of the year. If you want to organize an event, we can help with finding presenters and promoting the event. The first was held in 2008.

A lot can be done, from spreading the news to friends to organizing your own event with films, speakers or creative action. We welcome new participants who can share time, money or ideas! Get in touch with your regional group or the international coordination team, and let us know what you decide to do! Share your event by setting up www.facebook.com/BasicIncomeWeek/ as co-host of your Facebook event or https://basicincomeweek.org/event-form/

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History and Mottos of International Basic Income Week (IBIW) https://basicincomeweek.org/history/

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