Thanks 16th IBIW; your motto suggestions till 24th December 2023 for 17th IBIW Mo-Su 16th-22nd September 2024


Hello Basic Income Week Supporters,

Congratulations on your many successful events and celebrations that were all part of the 16th annual International Basic Income Week “Basic Income: Civilization at its best!” Mo-Su 18th-24th September 2023!

As you can see on our Webpage or equally at our Facebook page there were around 60 Basic Income Week events that happened all over the world during the week including 21 Basic Income Beer events and 4 Basic Income March

Looking ahead to next year for the 17th International Basic Income Week (IBIW) we are planning to celebrate this week from September 16th-22nd, 2024.

For choosing a motto for next year’s IBIW send us your motto suggestions about or Social Media messenger Facebook and Instagram @basicincomeweek or Email info(at) till 24th December 2023.
The motto suggestions should not contain local or regional topics but be valid worldwide. Local or regional themes can be added as subtitle in your country.
You find all historical mottos at

The Motto voting is planned for January/February 2024.

If you would like to design the chosen Motto in February 2024 on a voluntary basis for our Website and Social Media logo, banner, profile picture, main events cover and additional a poster, please contact us about or Email info(at)

The announcement of the designed Motto is planned for March/April 2024.

The following events are included in the plans for September 2024:
– September 1st-22nd, 2024 “Basic Income Profile Picture Action”
– Wednesday, September, 18th, 2024 “Count on Basic Income Photo Action”
– Friday, September 20th, 2024 “7th International Basic Income Beer”

Basic Income Organizations from countries or continents will be able to be co-hosts of these Facebook events, please accept our invitation to co-host direct in the events.

In addition, for the Facebook events that you create next year, please allow us (the team organizing IBIW) to “co-host” your Facebook events that take place during Basic Income Week so that we can find and share these events quickly. If you don’t have Facebook, submit the events using the Webpage Event Form All events must be announced before the start of IBIW, so that we have time to share them.

If you would like to help the Basic Income Week Team with creating content for YouTube and Instagram or network worldwide, please contact us by Email info(at) or Social Media messenger – we need more volunteers for the upcoming year’s activities.

Sign up for our newsletter at to be kept up to date on Basic Income Week (about four most important Emails per year for choosing a motto, start and end).

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You find all at

Thanks everyone!

Your Basic Income Week Team

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