Special lottery UBi4ALL – Basic Income Week

Special lottery – Basic Income Week

Our next basic income raffle is on September 24 – a special one!

In honor of International Basic Income Week, we are giving away 200 euros as Unconditional Basic Income (UBI).

­čĹë Mark your calendars for next Sunday, September 24, 2023. We will livestream the one-week OBI raffle.┬áParticipate and, with a bit of luck, win 200 euros – a treat to celebrate the current International Basic Income Week (18-24 September).

The motto: Civilization at its best

What does the motto of the 16th Basic Income Week mean this year?

Here is our 3 sentence explanation:

  • Civilization means the development of people’s coexistence, which should lead to the most peaceful and aggression-free coexistence possible.
  • Civilization therefore begins with human dignity.
  • And human dignity can be guaranteed by a basic income.

Our special lottery: why?

If you look at a week’s life, 200 euros is a huge amount for some and little for others.┬áSo why are we giving away this amount?

In fact, the most important criterion of an unconditional basic income is that it guarantees a modest but decent life. When we started giving away UBI in Europe, we ran into the problem that there would have to be a different amount in almost every country to meet the criterion. So we decided to go with the European average, which is about 800 euros per month. For simplicity, we have kept this lottery amount for all countries worldwide.

Let’s see the 200 euros, which corresponds to one week of basic income, as a symbol.┬áA small beginning from which much can come.┬áIn this sense, we would like to present you a suitable gif image.

Special lottery: what to do?

Do you like what we do? This is how you can support us:

All people who register with UBI4ALL automatically participate in our special lottery. Only this time (normally you have to confirm your participation in the lottery).

You will receive your lottery number on Sunday.

Anyone who wants to tell you about this super opportunity can register with UBI4ALL until Saturday (23) 12 noon. So: Invite the people you like quickly!