Pilot projects anyone?

Everyone is currently talking about filter bubbles. The basic income activist’s filter bubble is the feeling that things are moving too slow. International Basic Income Week provides an opportunity to step back, take stock and compare our local situation not just to the world, but also to the world at another point in time.

And we suddenly realise that never before has there been a time when so many pilot projects were happening synchronically around the globe. Four years ago, during the European Citizen’s Initiative for Basic Income it was hard work to find a journalist who would write 2 lines about the subject. Nowadays we don’t need to ask. Strong opponents have started discussing it.

There are enough pilot projects now that it’s actually hard to keep track of them. Where are they – when and for how long are they happening – who is running them and whom for? There are enough pilot projects now that it’s actually hard to keep track of them: https://futurism.com/images/universal-basic-income-ubi-pilot-programs-around-the-world/

That’s why this year’s interview series, for the 10th International Basic Income Week, explores pilots to find out how much unconditional basic income is inside.

BIEN update May 2017 on Scotland, Kenya, the Netherlands, Finland, Ontario, Uganda and the United States http://basicincome.org/news/2017/05/basic-income-experiments-and-those-so-called-early-2017-updates/

China: http://ubiforall.org/en/2017/08/30/whats-ubic-sheme/#more-271