4th International Basic Income March

4th International Basic Income March
Saturday 24th September 2022

Join us in cities around the world as we come together in the largest ever March for Basic Income.

Find the Basic Income March in your city www.basicincomemarch.com
Add your event at https://actionnetwork.org/event_campaigns/2022-basic-income-day-of-action about ‘Click to host’ and follow the instructions!
Some Marches are also at Facebook www.facebook.com/BasicIncomeWeek/events/

Tell us your International Basic Income March event via our Webpage event form https://basicincomeweek.org/event-form/ and our Facebook page (by setting up our Facebook page www.facebook.com/BasicIncomeWeek/ as a co-host of your Facebook event) or posting in this Facebook event www.facebook.com/events/1289299878474766/?active_tab=discussion (especially if you know events from others who are not on Facebook).

The cities of the 1st and 2nd International Basic Income March you find additional here www.facebook.com/events/922831178086148/ and https://basicincomeweek.org/basic-income-march-on-saturday-anywhere/

This event is part of the
15th International Basic Income Week
“Basic Income is basic humanism!”
Mo-Su 19th-25th September 2022
#basicincomeweek15 www.facebook.com/events/293061476368364/

– “15th International Basic Income Week” Mo-Su 19th-25th September 2022, www.facebook.com/events/293061476368364/ or https://basicincomeweek.org/ibiw2022/ #basicincomeweek15
– “Basic Income Profile Picture Action” September 1st-25th, 2022, www.facebook.com/events/589831782579707/ or https://basicincomeweek.org/bippa2022/
– “Count on Basic Income Photo Action” Wednesday 21st September 2022, www.facebook.com/events/954952368711588/ or https://basicincomeweek.org/cobipa2022/ #countonbasicincome
– “5th International Basic Income Beer” Friday 23rd September 2022, www.facebook.com/events/590041566160448/ or https://basicincomeweek.org/ibib2022/ #basicincomebeer
– “4th International Basic Income March” Saturday 24th September 2022, www.facebook.com/events/1289299878474766/ or https://basicincomeweek.org/ibim2022/ #basicincomemarch

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