European citizens focus on a #basicincome

Citizens’ initiative on UBI aims to strengthen EU unity

Many European countries are debating the idea of a basic income, and a citizens’ initiative has now called on the European Commission to present a proposal for unconditional basic income throughout the bloc. The idea is to reduce regional differences, while strengthening economic and social cohesion across the continent.

If the initiative manages to find at least 1 million EU voters who are willing to sign it by September 25, 2021, from at least seven different EU member states, the Commission will consider the idea.

The Corona crisis has also made people aware of the fact that you cannot live without income. So in that regard, there is good hope that the 1,000,000 signatures can be delivered by the more than 500 million European inhabitants.

Our aim is to establish the introduction of unconditional basic incomes throughout the EU which ensure every person’s material existence and opportunity to participate in society as part of its economic policy. This aim shall be reached while remaining within the competences conferred to the EU by the Treaties.

Political turn to basic income

The ECI-UBI2020 petition is not going to ensure a basic income in every country, the countries should do that themselves. The point is that organizations such as unions, churches, political parties can no longer ignore the fact that an Unconditional Basic Income must be introduced and that Europe supports it.
What the current political parties are trying to do is to keep the economy going, which is more of the same all these years. Another solution must be found; a radical twist to the Unconditional Basic Income!

Petitions are taking over

This should be an overview of all petitions in Europe and beyond demanding some kind of income, Basic Income, Helicopter Money, Citizens Dividend, Corona Allowance, etc

NOTE: many actions for a “basic income” are not about ‘Basic Income -UBI’ as referred below. They mostly have one or more conditions which have to be met to get the allowance. Like only for a period of time during corona, the state of people’s work, independend entrepreneurs, not high enough, etc.

We check out Basic Income for Europe

The UBI4ALL team is from several countries of the European Union. In the course of starting a European Citizens’ Initiative we asked ourselves how Unconditional Basic Income might impact other people in other countries. So we set up the UBI4ALL raffle in order to check out its effects.

We do not wait for governments’ decisions. We do not want to ask millionaires to finance it. We just fund Basic Income by ourselves. Join our crowdfunding!

Experience Basic Income throughout Europe.
Participate to win and help funding it.

Once 9600€ is raised we raffle it off and pay out 800€ per month. No strings attached! So people can test UBI for one year and tell us about its impact.
Why 800€ per month? Because it is roughly the medium poverty line in the EU.