A busy day on september 25! Marching and Zooming for #basicincome


Join us for the 3rd Annual Basic Income March on September 25, 2021

The economy is broken. Currently, many of the people who work hardest and are the backbones of our economy are those who are most vulnerable to financial hardship and insecurity. The COVID-19 economic crisis has made this abundantly clear. It is time to shift our thinking and recognize that we can design a system that works for everyone.

Join us on September 25th, 2021 as we take to the streets for the 3rd Annual Basic Income March, to demand our leadership adopt and pass a federal basic income as a means to a healthier, more innovative, and just society. We must create an income floor on top of which each member of our society can grow and thrive, and in turn ensure our local and national economies can thrive. We owe us!
Host an event and fill in the form via the button on this page: https://actionnetwork.org/event_campaigns/2021-basic-income-march


Definition of march:  intransitive verb

a: to move in a direct purposeful manner : PROCEED
b: to make steady progress : ADVANCE


If you are not able to march than there is an alternative:

Join us for the ‘2nd Online International Basic Income March on september 25, 2021 www.facebook.com/events/544288023427915/

Zoom sessions 24/7 in every timezone on planet earth 

Zoom details of the event:


Zoom Meeting ID: 510 470 2381

Passcode: BIAtMove

Some of the suggestions/ideas that may be utilized during the virtual Zoom International Basic Income March  #ZIBIM

  • Live Broadcasting from ‘Basic Income Marches’ in different countries
  • Presentation of books, movies, short films, etc. regarding UBI
  • Interviews with writers of books regarding UBI
  • Interviews with directors of movies regarding UBI
  • Presentations regarding any kind of for-UBI activities (maps, undergraduate/graduate courses, road shows, summer courses, raffles, research projects, pilots, experimental studies, meetings, congresses, networks, etc.)
  • Country messages from UBI Advocates from these countries (Within the ‘Global Map of UBI Networks’, there are about 212 for-UBI Networks from more than 55 countries.)
  • Singing songs (contributions from choirs or singers; preferably with their local languages)
  • Sharing pre-recorded songs (a choice from each contributing countries)
  • Song Contest between UBI Advocates (pre-recorded or live)
  • Bicycling groups with UBI pro


Program for the #ZIBIM event

short video recordings and last minute contributions could not be listed, but will be available

  • we may have minor last minute changes



Submit your event on the google form

The zoom session variables will be broadcast during the 14th International Basic Income Week 2021