Count on Basic Income Photo Action

Count on Basic Income Photo Action
Wednesday 22nd September 2021:
Say ‘Hello’ to rest of the world and show your support for Universal Basic Income.
This 22nd September 2021 post a picture of you in your local area with the hashtag #countonbasicincome
You can do anything you like. Take a snap of you walking to work, draw a picture, make a collage, take a photo outside a local monument you are proud of, even write the words on your body (if you like!), just do something different that says ‘hello’ to the rest of the world and encourages everyone to think about Basic Income.
In the picture, don’t forget to say ‘Hello’ in your own language and remember to tell where you are from in the world!
To help us spread the word, upload your picture to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and use the hashtag #countonbasicincome
At Facebook post the picture directly in this Facebook event
The Pictures of last year look in the discussion thread of last year event
This action is part of the
14th International Basic Income Week
“Basic Income: Forward to a better world!”
Mo-Su 20th-26th September 2021

Basic income Facebook pages from countries or continents are welcome to join this Facebook event as a co-host. Ask via the Facebook page messenger
Co-hosts are not legally responsible for this Facebook event. They only support the idea of the Count on Basic Income Photo Action #countonbasicincome

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