Call for Participation for the 11th International Basic Income Week 2018


Call for Participation for the  11th International Basic Income Week 2018 from 17th – 23th September

Basic Income: an income you can count on!

Everyone needs an income to be able to live and work to our full potential. Employment is not a guarantee for a dependable income. People need a source of income they can count on – unconditional basic income!
We invite activists around the world to contribute to our action week for Unconditional Basic Income (UBI).
The Basic Income Week is a week of participation around the globe and we need YOU to join us.
How can you get involved during International Basic Income Week?

  • organize an event
  • give a presentation on UBI
  • take part in coordinated social media action (like UBI banner display details to follow)
  • spread the news on social media [#basicincomeweek]

We can help by linking you up with experienced organizers, speakers and promoting your event via our shared website
New participants are always welcome to share time, money or ideas!
Get in touch with us via our contact form!

What is Unconditional Basic Income? 

As a legal right, UBI is a regular income paid by a political community to all its members from cradle to grave.
It is Universal, Individual, Unconditional, and High enough to live with dignity.