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Vote your motto for 17th International Basic Income Week Mo-Su 16th-22nd September 2024.

This poll is valid in January 2024:


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    1) Basic Income: A better working week. Democracy!2) Basic Income: A foundation for a fair and just society!3) Basic Income: A guaranteed income for all!4) Basic Income: Equality and opportunity for all!5) Basic Income: From a Basic to a new Start6) Basic Income: Having time for new ideas!7) Basic Income: Human After All 🙂8) Basic Income: no money no cry9) Basic Income: No more hunger and homelessness!10) Basic Income: the future is NOW!11) Basic Income: We are all better off when everyone is better off!12) Basic Income - Good for Everyone13) Basic Income - Renaissance 2.014) Basic Income and Basic Education = Basics of Societies15) Basic Income is not a test it is a must16) Basic Income is peace!17) Basic Income opens doors18) Show your face for an Unconditional Basic Income!19) Stop talking, start acting - Basic Income!20) UBI: Elevate Humanity21) Unconditional Basic Income is necessary!22) Unconditional basic income is the only way forward in a monetized world.

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