Motto for UBIweek 2020: “Basic Income: Freedom to Choose!”

This years motto is:

Basic Income: Freedom to Choose!

We have had a poll and this motto was the most voted for.


When you don’t have any other choice than to stay home because of a Corona Crisis a Basic Income is most welcome. So there are a lot of petitions going on at the moment. The most voted one is from WeMove. A petition from UBIE for an Emergengy Basic Income:

For other part of the world you can visit this inventory of basic income petitions:


Next 13th International Basic Income Week #basicincomeweek13 is coming:
Mo-Su 14th-20th September 2020
– plan your #countonbasicincome photo again at 18th September 2020,
– make an International Basic Income Beer #basicincomebeer again at Friday (18th September 2020),
– at best organize an International Basic Income March #basicincomemarch at Saturday (19th September 2020),
We have collecting suggestions for a Motto until 31st October 2019.
From 1st February 2020 until the 1st March 2020 was voted for the Motto at
The final Motto is:
“Basic Income: Freedom to Choose!”
The Motto layout, logo, etc. of the 13th International Basic Income Week 2020 will coming up summer 2020.
We invite activists around the world to contribute to our action Week for Unconditional Basic Income. The Basic Income Week (BIW) is a week of participation around the globe and we need YOU to join us.
Organize an basic income event and share it via our Webpage event form and our Facebook page (by setting up our Facebook page as a co-host of your Facebook event).
Share your Basic Income Week – Ideas in our Facebook group (Also Facebook pages can be member.)
Be part of the #basicincomeweek13 !
Basic income Facebook pages from countries or continents are welcome to join this Facebook event as a co-host. Ask via the Facebook page messenger
Co-hosts are not legally responsible for this Facebook event. They only support the idea of the Basic Income Week #basicincomeweek

– “13th International Basic Income Week” Mo-Su 14th-20th September 2020, #basicincomeweek13
– “Count on Basic Income Photo Action” Friday 18th September 2020, #countonbasicincome
– “3rd International Basic Income Beer” Friday 18th September 2020, #basicincomebeer
– “2nd International Basic Income March” Saturday 19th September 2020, #basicincomemarch