Basic Income Week Posters for download, print and share

We have got some new designs for Basic Income Week 2019. You can share, download, print and spread this on paper.


16th-22nd September

Money is just an invention – not a Iaw of physics. The rules around money valuation, creation, distribution are man-made. Do they work for you? Or are they causing stress, shame, and destruction in your Iife,family and environment? Let’s recreate these rules and make money work for all people!

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How can you get involved during International Basic Income Week?
Organise an event, discuss UBI with others, spread the news on social media with the hashtag #basicincomeweek12, get together for the 2nd international Stammtisch on Friday,20th Sept.

We can help by Iinking you up with experienced organisers, speakers and promoting your event via our shared website
Newparticipants are always welcome! Get in touch with us via

What is Unconditional Basic Income?
As a Iegal rjght, UBI is a regular income paid by a political community
to all its members from cradle to grave. It is Universal, IndividuaI,
Unconditional, and High enough to Iive with dignity.