A call out from ReCivitas, Brazil

International Basic Income Week has given occasion to Marcus Vinicius Brancaglione, President of ReCivitas, to write a letter making a case for “social dividends. Without relying on the grace, blessing or good will of anyone”.

The basic income is not government largesse, it is natural law

ReCivitas’ work includes two Basic Income projects: the BIG Bank and the Basic Income Grant pilot in Quatinga Velho.

I see the revolutionary basic income as a future where the free open initiative of the people will be able to guarantee the inalienable rights of self-preservation and self-determination of all other peoples in solidarity. Opening up to invent, invest in their development together. The guarantee of basic income of a people opening their capital to guarantee the basic income to all peoples. In practice a simple proposal: that cities and communities are free, both to issue bonds and capitalize on their mutual funds investing directly and collectively in one of the other independent funds to pay for their solidarity and no intermediation social income.


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