How it started

For the week of basic income, a call went ahead in 2006.
Matthias Dilthey called for a day of basic income, which unfortunately received little support at the time.

2008 – “Social security in capitalism”

The first week of the basic income was held in 2008 and was designed as a sub-project of the EU-funded project “Basic Income on the way to Europe.” was initiated by Günter Sölken, of the idea in the context of the Basic Income Network Germany was advancing. It was, together with the Basic Income Network and Social Cohesion, Austria, Switzerland BIEN and of Attack Germany, Attack Austria and Attac Switzerland, and with the help of many independent basic income initiatives  in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and brought to the public.

2009 – “Basic Income: An answer to the crisis: road to the future”

In 2009, a significant expansion took place. From various initiatives was a call started, at which finally 247 organizations and over 2,800 individuals have participated.

The site was developed into a showcase of activity and creativity. Countless ideas, suggestions, and actually planned actions have been set. http://www.woche-des-grundeinkommens.eu

The editorial supervisor in 2009 was Martina Steinheuer.

2010 – “Basic Income: Participation for all”

In June 2010, An editor change took place for the site. Here you can read the call to 2010. (German) Events of the year 2010, you can find them here (German) .

2011 – “Basic Income in Europe

The 4th International Week of the basic income was from 19 to 25.9. 2011 with a focus on “Basic Income in Europe“. In Germany and Austria, there were about one hundred events and activities: discussions, workshops, readings, theater and film screenings, exhibitions, etc.

Press Release of the network to the 4th International Week of the basic income 19 – 25.9.2011 (German)

2012 –  “ways to basic income

The fifth International Week of the basic income was from 17 to 23.9.2012 – right after the BIEN World Congress (September 14 to 16 in Munich) – with the focus on “ways to basic income” instead.

2013 – “basic income a human right

In 2013 the year of the European Citzens Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income , “basic income a human right“, a further internationalization of the 6th week of basic income took place.The Netherlands organized the “week van het basisinkomen” but not much action was involved, we were al to busy collecting signatures.

2014 – “building social cohesion in Europe”

7th International Basic Income Week “building social cohesion in Europe
This site http://basicincomeweek.org was set up in English to further internationalize the “Week of Basic Income” 
See the homepage for 2014

2015 – “UBI: A Safety Net for Life“

In the framework of the UBIE (Unconditional Basic Income Europe) network, the 8th international basic income week was adopted as a key item to organize every year by all countries individually. Also on the 15th Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress the basic income week was adopted as a way to spread UBI to the public.
The following 19 countries participated: Belgium, China, Danmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Malawi, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Swiss, Zimbabwe, Spain, South Korea, Hungary, USA. Further eight countries have participated on the internet: Australia, Brasil, Bulgaria, Finland, India, Italy, Mozambic, New Zealand, Zambia, South Africa.

2016 – “Basic Income goes Worldwide

9th international Basic Income Week. The UBI-Week was initiated in 2008 in German-speaking countries. Activities spread significantly in Europe after the establishment of the new coalition Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) in 2014. http://ubie.org In 2016 Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) contributed to the week´s further globalization.
List of participants: https://basicincomeweek.org/ubi/9th-international-basic-income-week-2016-list-participants/

2017 – “Unconditional Basic Income is affordable!”

10th international Basic Income Week. The Basic Income Week is a self-organised participatory week. A lot can be done, from spreading the news to friends to organising your own event with films, speakers or creative action. We can help with finding presenters and promoting your event with our shared website https://basicincomeweek.org. We welcome new participants who can share time, money or ideas! Get in touch with your regional group or the international coordination team, and let us know what you decide to do! This year there was the start of the Videothon Playlist

2018 “Basic Income: an income you can count on!”

11th international Basic Income Week – 17–23 September 2018
Everyone needs an income to be able to live and work to our full potential. Employment is not a guarantee for a dependable income. People need a source of income they can count on – unconditional basic income!

2019 “Money – let´s make this invention work for everyone”

12th International Basic Income Week  -16–22 September 2019
Money is just an invention – not a Iaw of physics. The rules around money valuation, creation, distribution are man-made. Do they work for you? Or are they causing stress, shame, and destruction in your Iife,family and environment? Let’s recreate these rules and make money work for all people!


13th international Basic Income Week 14t-20 September 2020
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Source: http://www.woche-des-grundeinkommens.eu/start/historie/

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