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    A) Basic education + Basic Income = Basic Human RightsB) Forward to a better worldC) Gross Domestic Wellbeing - GDW instead of GDPD) Circular WellbeingE) Start Unconditional Basic IncomeF) Don't be basic: Support Basic IncomeG) Don't be basic: Support Unconditional Basic IncomeH) Basic Income is basic humanismI) Basic Income - future of the earthJ) Basic Income Boon InitiativeK) Basic Income is our futureL) Basic Income for a better earthM) Unconditional basic income - time for new ideasN) Unconditional Basic Income - Freedom of ThinkingO) Unconditional Basic Income - a means to survive to enable lifeP) Unconditional Basic Income - more choicesQ) Basic Income: Freedom to choose!Z) my motto:

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