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Interview with Sepp Kusstatscher, basic income activist from Südtirol (Italy) since 1989

Interview with Sepp Kusstatscher  Can you still remember your first encounter with the idea of Basic Income?  Very well. A book fell into my hands in 1989, written by Lieselotte Wohlgenannt and Herwig Büchele: Den öko-sozialen Umbau beginnen: Grundeinkommen ( To start the eco-social reconstruction: Basic Income) They both clearly exposed that the ecological and social […]

Interview series about Basic Income Week

International Basic Income Week from 2008 until today:  How did it all start? basicincomeweek.org is finding out what is happening with Basic Income initiatives around the world, regarding International Basic Income Week and beyond. We are talking with the people who brought International Basic Income Week to life and who have made it into the […]

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