International Basic Income Week Videothon

The 10th International Basic Income Week is here and for this jubilee we are planning a special something:

International Basic Income Week Videothon:
Please take a short video of your event (in any format, videos taken on smart phones are fine too) and send it to [email protected] to be stitched together with other videos around the world

In particular, we are encouraging groups to videotape people saying ““Hi, I am (name) from (city) in (country). I believe a universal basic income will..(insert the reason you support it).” If you have, you’re welcome to add your group’s logo to your video.

We have a videographer who can edit all of the videos from around the world into one big video that will be released for a Great Global Basic Income Videothon on the last day of IBIW. You can email more than one video. 

Please be sure to send your videos to [email protected] no later than September 22, 2017. Lable event-videos “event” and people-videos “people”.

We can’t wait to receive your contributions!

See the contributions so far:

Your website / contact details:
If your country’s website is not on our list
 yet, please contact our webmaster to add it.

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