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Motto for UBIweek 2020: “Basic Income: Freedom to Choose!”

This years motto is: Basic Income: Freedom to Choose! We have had a poll and this motto was the most voted for.   When you don’t have any other choice than to stay home because of a Corona Crisis a Basic Income is most welcome. So there are a lot of petitions going on at […]

Voting for the Basic Income Week Motto 2020 now started.

You can now vote for your favorite motto vote for your motto here

Be part of the #basicincomeweek13! Start planning now!

Next International Basic Income Week is coming, the 13th in succession: Mo-Su 14th-20th September 2020 Plan your events for 2020! plan your #countonbasicincome photo again on 18th September 2020, make an International Basic Income Beer #basicincomebeer on Friday 18th September 2020, organize an International Basic Income March #basicincomemarch on Saturday 19th September […]

Basic Income March on Saturday Anywhere

The next Basic Income Marches, are set for September 19, 2020.  Synchronize your event on saturday 19th of September 2020 “Basic Income March – [City/Location]”:     Marches for 2019 were here: E.g.: 26 october 2019: Basic Income March Amsterdam 26 october 2019: Basic Income March Berlin 26 october 2019: Basic Income March New […]

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