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At the moment, there are 3 each one worldwide synchronized Basic Income Week actions and projects:

  1. until Sunday 22nd September 2019 “Basic Income Week Campaign”:
    overlay your Facebook profile picture or direct
  2. at Friday 20th September 2019 “2nd International Basic Income Beer – [City/Location]”:
    Since 2018 a worldwide synchronized regular table every year on the Friday evening of the International Basic Income Week where the local basic income groups meet in as many places as possible worldwide in a relaxed atmosphere for food & drink in cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, etc. to exchange, network and at the same time on the topic basic income Interested local information materials/flyer and give speech & answer.
    This can be done from small mini basic income regular table in small villages with 3 people and a simple sign up to large basic income regular table (as a small mini basic income fair) with information tables, speeches, presentations, free food & drinks, live Music/Band, Social Media Greetings, Live Switch to basic income regular tables in other cities and countries.
    It is also a good time to reactivate or re-establish basic income initiatives through basic income regular tables!
    (Possibly change/translate the title in your language e.g. german “2. Internationaler BGE-Stammtisch – [Stadt/Region]”.)
    Berlin (Germany), “2. Internationaler BGE-Stammtisch – Berlin” or
  3. at Saturday 26st September 2019 “Basic Income March – [City/Location]”:
    “The Basic Income March, led by Basic Income NYC, is set for September 26, 2019. It might be accompanied by Basic Income Marches in other cities on the same day.”
    due to time organizing the date is moved forward to 26thseptember, next your we hope to have a sychronized event within Basic Income Week
    New York City (USA), or or

Please simple set-up Facebook page Basic Income Week as co-host to your Facebook event and we will see and add your event to our Facebook page and list over here.

Also check:


18th BIEN congres – Tampere Finland 23/24 august 2018 @ University of Tampere
Aug 23 – Aug 24 all-day

Tampere Finland 18. BIEN congres is 23 en 24 august 2018.

Basic Income and the New Universalism:
Rethinking the Welfare State in the 21st Century

A joint proposal by BIEN Finland (Perustuloverkosto) and the University of Tampere
(UTA) to hold the next BIEN Congress in Finland.


In the 20th century the welfare states were successful in reducing poverty, building trust
between different socio-economic groups and providing more equal opportunities for all.
Today, welfare state structures reflect the societies of the past rather than those of the
future. Welfare state institutions have not been able to regenerate in line with changed
labour market conditions and lifestyles, and are tightly intertwined with unsustainable
economic structures at local and global levels. The basic income proposal offers a way
out of the current conundrum with a prospect of rethinking and reinvigorating the
ambitions of the welfare state.

Societal reforms such as a basic income require social vision and political will, but also a
sober evaluation of the expected effects and challenges to be overcome. Recent years
have seen an exponential increase in media and policy around the basic income idea,
followed by concrete initiatives to study basic income design and implementation across
the world.

The congress plans to build on this growing interest in basic income by inviting activists,
stakeholders, policymakers, students and researchers to discuss the promises of the basic
income against the background of the need for a “new universalism”. The proposed
theme for our conference is: Basic Income and the New Universalism: Rethinking the
Welfare State in the 21st Century.

The congress will focus on three main streams.

  1. Knowledge and evidence: what do we know about how basic income really works,
    and how do we advance our understanding of the basic income model?
  2. Policy design and implementation: how does basic income interact with existing
    (welfare state) policies and institutions, and which social and policy changes are
    needed to make basic income work in practice?
  3. Politics: what are the challenges for pushing basic income onto the policy agenda.
    and how can these be overcome?

These three streams encompass a large variety of specific topics to be covered in
presentations and discussions. Examples include: How does an unconditional basic
income change the nature and form of current welfare state institutions and regimes?
How will a well-functioning basic income scheme interact with existing policies? What
are the most promising avenues to institute a basic income? What can we learn from
planned and ongoing pilot schemes about basic income? How can universalism be
extended to larger regional and global areas, and what challenges does this pose for the
basic income idea?

Throughout the congress, we aim to accommodate a wide range of perspectives and
approaches and we will employ different presentation formats to further genuine debate
and discussion. As the basic income idea is gaining popularity in Finland and elsewhere,
we expect strong contributions from academic researchers, citizen activists, policy
experts and decision-makers as well as significant public attention and media interest in
our event.

The congress will be held at the University of Tampere (UTA) and several venues within
walking distance.
Tampere is a city of about 225 000 inhabitants located in Southern Finland, 172
kilometres from the capital Helsinki. There are regular train and bus connections from
Helsinki-Vantaa airport and from Helsinki city centre. Tampere also has its own airport
with many international connections.
UTA is the leading university in social sciences and has a long experience and good
reputation in organising international conferences. The university has confirmed its
willingness to supply us with the required conference facilities. We are aiming for 200-
300 participants in total, which is easily accommodated by the university facilities.

Organising committee:
The lead organisers are BIEN Finland (Basic Income Network) and the School of Social
Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tampere. In addition we will cooperate
with the Research Department of KELA (The Social Insurance Institution) and the Basic
Income Experiment Consortium. The lead organisers have a track record of collaborating
in projects and putting together public events.

Other possible partners include: Finnish Centre for Pensions, Social Policy Association in
Finland, Finnish Society for Political Economy Research, LabourNet (The Finnish
Doctoral Program on Labour and Welfare Studies).

The organising team include:

  • BIEN Finland: Simo Ruottinen, Markku Ikkala, Jukka Peltokoski, Petri Flander.
  • Academics: Pertti Koistinen, Johanna Perkiö, Jurgen De Wispelaere, Jorma Kalela, Jan
    Otto Andersson, Jouko Kajanoja.
  • Basic Income Experiment Consortium: Olli Kangas and others
  • Board of advisors from civil society, policy and academia TBA

Resources and funding support:
In addition to supplying conference facilities, the School of Social Sciences and
Humanities has made a promise to contribute to the BIEN2018 Congress financially and
offer further conference assistance. The university will also be able to supply cheap
accommodation facilities.

We have also been in touch with various interest groups and funders, and received a
principled green light for cooperation. If it is agreed BIEN2018 Congress will be held in
Finland, we will immediately start negotiating with relevant actors and interest groups on
financing, conference organisation, conference venue, accommodation, etc.
BIEN Finland has many local contacts in Tampere and will organise activist/political
sessions attracting broader audiences and journalists, as well as an enjoyable evening
program. We can easily find volunteers among the university students and activists of
BIEN Finland’s network to ensure that the conference runs well.

Finland is an interesting site for the BIEN 2018 congress for several reasons.

  1. Finland belongs to the family of Nordic countries, which have a long tradition and
    commitment to universalistic ideas in social and welfare policies. The Nordic
    countries are often considered the birthplace of the universal welfare state. This
    would be the first time a BIEN Congress is held in one of the Nordic countries and
    we look forward to collaborating with our colleagues in Denmark, Sweden and
    Norway to make this a very successful event. As has become tradition for BIEN
    congresses, we propose to host a “local day” focused on basic income in the Nordic
    welfare state before the official congress, offering a forum for activists and policy
    makers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland to exchange their experiences.
  2. The idea of basic income has featured in Finnish academic and political discussion at
    regular intervals already since the 1970’s, and in 2012 Finnish basic income activists
    launched Initiative which didn’t gather sufficient votes but produced a lot of media
    attention. In recent years the basic income idea is regularly discussed in public
    opinion and policy discussions, often promoted by BIEN Finland.
  3. Basic income is also a significant subject of academic interest in Finland, and
    especially at the University of Tampere (UTA). UTA hosted the first basic income
    course for social policy students and several PhD on basic income are ongoing or
    have been completed within the same department. UTA is also a partner in the Basic
    Income Experiment Consortium. The School of Social Sciences and Humanities
    plans to organise a special expert workshop focused on basic income research
    challenges as part of the BIEN Congress.
  4. Most importantly, Finland occupies a unique place of being the first country to plan a
    nation-wide basic income experiment. The Finnish government has committed to a
    large field experiment that will start in January 2017 and run for two years. The
    congress would happen at a time when we are already expecting preliminary results
    and this makes for a particularly timely event. While other experiments are also being
    prepared, none are as advanced as Finland.

More information and contact info:
• Simo Ruottinen, chair of BIEN Finland. Email: simo[a]
• Pertti Koistinen, Professor of Social and Labour Market Policies, University of
Tampere. Email: pertti.koistinen[a]


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Hidden Productivity – Unlocking Economic Value with Basic Income in Ireland – Dublin @ Books Upstairs
Sep 15 @ 10:00 – 12:00

The Forum takes place on the morning after Frances Coppola’s public lecture. We will spend some time reflecting on what Frances had to say and drawing out relevant aspects for the current situation in Ireland. We will also have a short participatory  exercise and two inputs,one on Women and Basic Income and the other on Basic Income and the Artist. These will be interwoven with poetry and musical pieces.  Weather permitting this will be followed by a picnic lunch in Merrion Square at the Basic Income Ireland Tree.

Deutschlands 24h-BGE-Hotline #wochedesgrundeinkommens @ Ganz Deutschland
Sep 17 – Sep 23 all-day

Inerhalb der Woche des Grundeinkommens gibt es eine durchgehende “24h-BGE-Hotline”  in Form eines Telefonkonferenzraums am Thema Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (BGE).

Telefonnummer (+49) 030/63417989 Raum 6499

Alle Neuinteressierte wo BGE-Kenner aus der deutschlandweiten BGE-Community stehen für Fragen Rede&Antwort zur Verfügung.

Sollten Anrufer nachdem sie Telefonnummer und Raumnummer eingegeben und ihren Namen (Vorname ausreichend) gesagt haben, Musik im Telefonkonferenzraum hören ist wider Erwarten (noch) kein BGE-Kenner im Telefonkonferenzraum.

Die Telefonnummer ist eine normale Festnetznummer in Deutschland, d.h. es entstehen für die Anrufer die normalen Kosten für einen Festnetzanruf in/nach Deutschland, sprich wer eine Festnetzflatrate hat, dem entstehen keine Kosten.

Diese “24h-BGE-Hotline” ist primär gedacht für Alle, die noch gar keine Vorstellung vom Bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen (BGE) haben und mit den 4 Kriterien des Netzwerk Grundeinkommen Verständnisschwierigkeiten haben:

Ein Grundeinkommen ist ein Einkommen, das eine politische Gemeinschaft bedingungslos jedem ihrer Mitglieder gewährt. Es soll

  • die Existenz sichern und gesellschaftliche Teilhabe ermöglichen,
  • einen individuellen Rechtsanspruch darstellen sowie
  • ohne Bedürftigkeitsprüfung und
  • ohne Zwang zu Arbeit oder anderen Gegenleistungen garantiert werden.”Sollten diesbezüglich keine BGE-Neuinteressierten im Telefonkonferenzraum sein, können selbstverständlich auch die deutschlandweiten BGE-Kenner sich untereinander austauschen und ggf. vernetzen.

Insofern diverse BGE-Initiativen als ‘Gastgeber’ in der Facebook-Veranstaltung erscheinen bedeutet dies nicht, dass diese Veranstalter im rechtlichen Sinne oder verantwortlich für diese Aktion sind. Es ist auch nicht garantiert, dass diese als BGE-Kenner im Telefonkonferenzraum sein werden.

Siehe auch auf

Wer noch als BGE-Kenner mitmachen möchte meldet sich bitte entweder bei der Initiative Grundeinkommen Berlin bzw. oder über den Messenger der Facebook-Seiten der diversen BGE-Initiativen in Deutschland welche alle die dafür notwendige Information/Link haben sollten.

Diese Aktion findet im Rahmen der 11. Internationalen Woche des Grundeinkommens (Basic Income Week) Mo-So 17.-23.09.2018 statt.
#Grundeinkommenswoche #basicincomeweek

Programme du 11ème semaine internationale du revenu de base (FR) @ Toute de la France
Sep 17 – Sep 23 all-day

Cette année, la 11ème semaine internationale du revenu de base se tient du 17 au 23 septembre, avec pour devise : « Revenu de base : un revenu sur lequel vous pouvez compter ! »

Cette année encore, le réseau mondial pour le revenu de base organise une semaine complète dédiée à cette question dans de nombreux pays. En France, nous y participons de nouveau cette année ! Voici les événements prévus dans nos contrées, autour des projections du film Jour de paye – Vers un revenu universel (voir le communiqué de presse officiel) :

  • 17 septembre à 20h : au cinéma Le Méliès à Montreuil avec Stéphane Troussel, Président du Conseil départemental de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Abdennour Bidar, philosophe et Julien Bayou, président de l’association MonRevenuDeBase ([email protected])
  • 17 septembre à 20h : au cinéma Comoedia à Lyon ([email protected])
  • 7 septembre à 20h : au cinéma Le Vox-Mayenne à Mayenne ([email protected])
  • 18 septembre à 20h30 : au cinéma Vox de Rambouillet ([email protected])
  • 19 septembre à 20h30 : au cinéma de Fontenay-le-Fleury ([email protected])
  • 19 septembre à 20h30 : au cinéma Le Saint-André-des-Arts à Paris, débat organisé par Génération.s, avec Michel Pouzol, ancien député, membre de Génération.s et Jean-Eric Hyafil, économiste spécialiste du revenu universel ([email protected])
  • 19 septembre à 21h : à Monein, près de Pau ([email protected])
  • 20 septembre à 20h : au cinéma Cinéma Bonne Garde à Nantes ([email protected])
  • 20 septembre à 20h30 : à Salies-de-béarn ([email protected])
  • 20 septembre : au cinéma Le Saint-André-des-Arts à Paris ([email protected])
  • 20 septembre à 21h : au cinéma Rex à Blagnac, près de Toulouse ([email protected])
  • 21 septembre à 20h30 : au cinéma Le Saint-André-des-Arts à Paris, avec Nicole Teke, chargée des relations publiques au MFRB, Frédéric Bosqué, fondateur de TERA (projet expérimental d’éco-village ainsi qu’un.e membre de l’association MonRevenuDeBase ([email protected])
  • 22 septembre à 17h : à la Maison des associations du 10ème arrondissement de Paris« Le revenu de base : au service de la transition écologique ? », débat avec Jean-Marie Bonnemayre, président du CNAFAL, Sarah Tartarin, co-présidente d’Une Monnaie pour Paris  !, Léa Carlat, signataire du manifeste pour une Dotation Inconditionnelle d’Autonomie et Frédéric Bosqué fondateur de TERA, projet expérimental d’éco-village ([email protected])
  • 22-23 septembre : à la salle municipale de l’Université Populaire de Nantes([email protected])
  • 23 septembre à 18h15 : au Cinéville à Rennes ([email protected])

See the programme for Austria for this week
Sep 17 – Sep 23 all-day

In this Basic Incomeweek, a lot of events are organized in Austria. Take al look at their event page

in diese Woche des Grundeinkommens, viele Programme sind organisiert in Östenreich. Kuk mal auf



Semana basica contra el paro y la precariedad
Sep 17 – Sep 23 all-day

Talleres, tertulias y conciertos en Madrid, Valencia y Valladolid con su Lunes al Sol en la plaza del ayuntamiento de ambas ciudades con el tema de las pensiones, ninguna prestacion o subsidio por debajo del umbral de la pobreza.

El martes 18 en Valencia Renta basica y vivienda, para seguir relacionandolos con las reivindicaciones de la marcha por la renta basica y los derechos sociales que llegó a Madrid en primavera tras 400km a pie y rueda de prensa en Valladolid sobre la sentencia de Esteban, de parados en movimiento, favorable al cumplimiento de la carta social europea.

El jueves 20 en la escuela de relaciones laborales de san Bernardo en Madrid, tenemos Conversaciones con Sarah Babiker, Mujeres en marcha por la renta basica, con emision en directo del programa de radio Basicamente Precarias y del espacio comun 15m

También celebramos un festival en apoyo a los campamentos dignidad de extremadura, por los llamados juicios a la renta basica por los que han sido condenados, en la Casa del Barrio de Carabanchel Alto el 22 de septiembre desde las 20h. Seguiremos informando de los eventos y movilizaciones que se sigan concretando los proximos dias, sobre empleo precario y renta basica, salud publica, asistencia y educacion social…


  • Valencia
  • Madrid
  • Valladolid

Ver eventos en

Iremos creando eventos individuales para revision y publicacion los proximos dias

Termine für die Deutsche Woche des Grundeinkommens 2018 #WDG @ Ganz Deutschland
Sep 17 – Sep 23 all-day

Montag, 17. September
WdG: Deutschland: 24h-BGE-Hotline (+49) 030/63417989 Raum 6499 für BGE-Neuinteressierte

  • 13:30 WdG: Kassel: Info-Stand zur Woche des Grundeinkommens
  • 19:00 Hamburg: Offenes Arbeitstreffen des Netzwerks
  • 19:30 WdG: Osnabrück: Free Lunch Society
  • 20:00 Bielefeld: Stammtisch der Neuen Liberalen Ostwestfalen

Dienstag, 18. September
WdG: Deutschland: 24h-BGE-Hotline (+49) 030/63417989 Raum 6499 für BGE-Neuinteressierte

  • 13:30 WdG: Kassel: Info-Stand zur Woche des Grundeinkommens
  • 16:00 Bad Honnef: Grundeinkommen – wozu eigentlich?
  • 19:00 Dortmund: Treffen der lokalen Initiative
  • 19:00 Recklinghausen (FsV) – Podiumsdiskussion zum Bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen mit Ute Fischer
  • 19:00 Hannover: “Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen: Was können wir in Hannover tun?”
  • 19:00 Lüneburg: Initiative bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen Lüneburg-Wendland e.V.
  • 19:30 Reutlingen: BGE-Treffen in Reutlingen
  • 20:00 Gießen: Treffen der attac AG für ein Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (gfa)

Mittwoch, 19. September
WdG: Deutschland: 24h-BGE-Hotline (+49) 030/63417989 Raum 6499 für BGE-Neuinteressierte

  • 19:00 Köln: Gesprächskreis Grundeinkommen
  • 19:30 Bremen: Gruppentreffen der Bremer attac AG “Genug für alle”

Donnerstag, 20. September
WdG: Deutschland: 24h-BGE-Hotline (+49) 030/63417989 Raum 6499 für BGE-Neuinteressierte

  • 16:00 WdG: Kassel: T-Shirts mit BGE-Logo gestalten
  • 18:30 Bielefeld: Vortrag an der Uni
  • 19:00 München: Treffen der Gruppe BGE4YOU
  • 19:00 Berlin: Meetup Circles Stammtisch: Update and Call for Action für Berlin!
  • 19:00 Flensburg: BGE-Stammtisch
  • 19:00 WdG: Bovenden: BGE als Eckpfeiler des Sozialstaats…

Freitag, 21. September
WdG: Deutschland: 24h-BGE-Hotline (+49) 030/63417989 Raum 6499 für BGE-Neuinteressierte

  • 18:00 WdG: Berlin: Internationaler BGE-Stammtisch – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (BGE) in Berlin
  • 18:00 WdG: Hamburg: 11 JAHRE HAMBURGER NETZWERK GRUNDEINKOMMEN – Jubiläumsfeier im Rahmen der Internationalen Woche des Grundeinkommens
  • 18:30 WdG: Frankfurt/Main: Sonderaufführung des preisgekrönten Arthaus-Filmes “Free Lunch Society”
  • 18:30 Kassel: BGE-Stammtisch
  • 19:00 WdG: Bremen: Das KAB-Modell Garantiertes Grundeinkommen sozial – gerecht – für alle

Samstag, 22. September
WdG: Deutschland: 24h-BGE-Hotline (+49) 030/63417989 Raum 6499 für BGE-Neuinteressierte

  • 11:00 Braunschweig: KICK-OFF: LERNEN UND ARBEITEN IN DER DIGITALEN ZUKUNFT Auftaktveranstaltung für das Projekt Digitalisierung
  • 12:00 Frankfurt a.M.: BGE-Café
  • 16:00 WdG: Salzwedel: BGE – Wie rechnet sich das eigentlich?

Sonntag, 23. September
WdG: Deutschland: 24h-BGE-Hotline (+49) 030/63417989 Raum 6499 für BGE-Neuinteressierte

  • 15:00 WdG: Kassel: Brettspielnachmittag mit dem Brettspiel zum Bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen
  • 19:00 Potsdam: Grundeinkommen & Meditation mit mindestens drei Teilnehmer*innen!
Projet d’implantation d’une assurance-revenu de base – Rimouski (CA) @ Adresse
Sep 17 @ 10:00 – 11:00

Au Québec, des gens du Bas-Saint-Laurent et de la Gaspésie et des Îles-de-la-Madeleine vont profiter de la Semaine internationale du revenu de base pour annoncer un grand projet de réflexion en vue de l’implantation d’une «assurance-revenu de base» dans leur région.

Address: 180, rue de l’Évêché Ouest
Rimouski Qc

Discussing Unconditional Basic Income in Pasadena (US) @ Del Frisco's Grille
Sep 16 @ 15:00 – 18:00
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