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At the moment, there are 3 each one worldwide synchronized Basic Income Week actions and projects:

  1. until Sunday 22nd September 2019 “Basic Income Week Campaign”:
    overlay your Facebook profile picture or direct
  2. at Friday 20th September 2019 “2nd International Basic Income Beer – [City/Location]”:
    Since 2018 a worldwide synchronized regular table every year on the Friday evening of the International Basic Income Week where the local basic income groups meet in as many places as possible worldwide in a relaxed atmosphere for food & drink in cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, etc. to exchange, network and at the same time on the topic basic income Interested local information materials/flyer and give speech & answer.
    This can be done from small mini basic income regular table in small villages with 3 people and a simple sign up to large basic income regular table (as a small mini basic income fair) with information tables, speeches, presentations, free food & drinks, live Music/Band, Social Media Greetings, Live Switch to basic income regular tables in other cities and countries.
    It is also a good time to reactivate or re-establish basic income initiatives through basic income regular tables!
    (Possibly change/translate the title in your language e.g. german “2. Internationaler BGE-Stammtisch – [Stadt/Region]”.)
    Berlin (Germany), “2. Internationaler BGE-Stammtisch – Berlin” or
  3. at Saturday 21st September 2019 “Basic Income March – [City/Location]”:
    “The Basic Income March, led by Basic Income NYC, is set for September 21, 2019. It might be accompanied by Basic Income Marches in other cities on the same day.”
    New York City (USA), or or

Please simple set-up Facebook page Basic Income Week as co-host to your Facebook event and we will see and add your event to our Facebook page and list over here.


En France, une dizaine d’événements – différentes villes @ différentes villes
Sep 18 – Sep 24 all-day

Du 18 au 24 septembre se tient la dixième semaine internationale du revenu de base. En France, une dizaine d’événements sont organisés dans différentes villes. Tour d’horizon !


  • Lundi 18 septembre : lors de la soirée Les Goguettes (péniche El Alamein, 13e arr), des membres du Mouvement français pour un revenu de base présenteront le revenu de base. Surprise musicale au programme !
  • Jeudi 21 septembre (à confirmer) : soirée de lancement du projet de tirage au sort “mon revenu de base” de Julien Bayou au Belushi’s (Gare du Nord).


  • Mercredi 20 septembre à 19h-21h, à la Coroutine (8 rue Molière). Rencontre du groupe MFRB de Lille : repas partagé et convivial à 19h, puis partage d’infos et de projets !
  • Jeudi 21 septembre à 20h, au café l’Ecart (à l’angle des rues Jean Bart et Jeanne d’Arc). Présentation et débat sur l’idée, les concrétisations et les expérimentations de revenu de base. Soirée animée par le MFRB.
  • Vendredi 22 septembre à 19h30, au café citoyen (place du vieux marché aux chevaux). Discussion libre sur les principes et les pratiques qui fondent la Ğ1 (Ğune), une cryptomonnaie née en mars 2017 qui assure une création et une répartition égalitaire de la monnaie grâce au dividende universel. Soirée animée par le MFRB.


  • Vendredi 22 septembre à 19h, à la Machinerie (1bis rue de la Vallée). Apéro-débat (mini-vidéos, courte présentation et tables tournantes) animé par le MFRB. Contact :


Les Inconditionnel-le-s de Lyon seront dans la rue ! Les membres du groupe local tracteront à différentes occasions cette semaine, comme le mardi 19 septembre à la Sucrière. N’hésitez pas à aller les interpeller !


Plus d’informations

Les groupes locaux en France :

Grundeinkommens-Verlosung – Basic Income to Win 1000€ per month for one year.
Sep 18 @ 19:00 – 20:00
Grundeinkommens-Verlosung - Basic Income to Win 1000€ per month for one year.

On September 18 at 19:00 we’ll be giving away 10 Basic Incomes: 1000€ per month for one year.

You can participate in the raffle by signing up at and register for “Verlosung” to receive your winning number. The evening of the raffle will be broadcasted on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube:

Make sure to give us a like on Facebook to stay up to date about all Basic Income raffles in the future and sign up as so-called “Crowdhörnchen”on our website to participate in all future raffles automatically.

“Mein Grundeinkommen” is a four-year-old German non-profit that crowdfunds and raffles off unconditional basic incomes of 1.000,- € a month. We are interested in finding out what happens if we, as a society, have the financial resources to focus on our life-goals rather than on existential needs. We would like to encourage people to trust each other more and indulge in more self-determination. We are taking the basic income discussion beyond academia and into our everyday experience.

For all questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

and consult our FAQ →

Good luck!


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